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Routine physicals are one of the best ways to identify the early signs of disease or other medical problems so you can get treatment.


Family Physicians Clinic & Valley Night Clinic provides routine – or annual – physical exams for our patients so they can feel confident about their health and wellness.

Everyone needs a physical to ensure that you are healthy and free of disease and ailments.  It is recommended to get frequent physicals. 

​Some employers, agencies, and schools require a yearly physical, as well.  We provide physicals for: 

  • Immigration
  • School/Sports/Camp
  • Annual healthcare evaluations for all age groups

How to make the most of your physical:

  • Arrive on time.
  • Know the names and doses of any medications you are taking, including over the counter supplements.
  • Bring your vaccine record including when you received your last flu shot (annual), tetanus (every 10 years) and pertussis (in the last 10 years).
  • Bring the dates of your last cancer screenings.
  • Be honest. Being truthful about your smoking and/or drinking habit gives the doctor the information he needs to provide the appropriate counseling to maximize your health.

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