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Family Physicians Clinic

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Patient Testimonials

We take great pride in helping our patients and their families live healthy lives. 

Patient Testimonials

Have been coming here for years. There are four doctors in this clinic. They have their own lab. You always get to see a doctor, not a PA. Its open year round.
Juan S.
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Dr. Moreno is great with my kids. He always listens to my concerns and treats my kids well. If you are looking for a new family doctor for your kids, I highly recommend Dr. Moreno.
Ashley L.
Source: Facebook
They have day and night clinic. Open on Sunday evenings. Dr Guerra is great. They have a lab and x-ray machines. One stop and get everything done.
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Dr Guerra is by far one of the best doctors I've seen my va Drs visits are gonna be less. The vista yesterday has me feeling 50% better than I did with my va dr. Highly recommended
Jaime T.
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If you have an appointment you will be seen promptly, as you should. If you are a walk-in you wait your turn, as you should. Waiting time for walk-ins varies throughout the year. When its cold or flu season, of course the waits are longer for walk-ins. When its possible, pick up the phone the day before and make an appointment. Best part, you will always be examined by a doctor, not a PA or RN. And the 3 doctors are all very experienced and will take the time to talk to you. Another great perk is that they have their own lab and you won't be referred to Labcorp to have to return another day. These doctors are worth the waiting time.
A. Ruiz
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Dr. Moreno and Dr. Guerra are both great doctors. They always hit what you have right on the spot. They give shots when you are sick to get better. The speed is usually really fast.
Michael O.
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Very friendly and caring staff.
Ricardo G.
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I love this Clinic. I've been going here for years. Best treatment ever and they are open every day till midnight. They have a lab and do X-rays. I do have my favorites like Dr.Moreno and Dr.Guerra. but they are all good. I highly recommend them as your family doctor.
Tana A.
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