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Chartspan care management

We now offer an extra level of
care to Medicare patients! Our new care management program, ChartSpan,
provides you with a 24/7 nurse line, personalized care plans, help with medication
refills and appointments, and other benefits.

Do you have Medicare?

You may be eligible for our new Chronic Care Management program, Chartspan.

Chartspan, can help you lower the cost of your healthcare while providing helpful tools to manage your healthcare better. 

The Benefits

Access to a 24/7
Nurse Line

Help Scheduling Appointments

Assistance with
Medication Refills

Patient- and Nurse- Guided Care
Plan, with Health Goals

Transportation Assistance

Program Eligibility

Must be a
Medicare Patient

Have two or more chronic conditions lasting a year or more

have been seen in our clinic in the last 12 months

How Chartspan Has Helped Others:

ChartSpan, provides you with an extra level of care outside of your regular appointments so that you can lower your risk of hospitalization and costly health problems.

Reduction in Emergency Visits
0 %
Average Yearly Savings Per Patient
$ 0
Reduction in Hospitalizations
0 %

Interested in ChartSpan Care Management?

Call us

Call us during normal business hours to learn more.

Visit us

At your next visit, speak to our front desk staff about the Chartspan Program!


Visit the Chartspan website to learn more about the program.

On-Call Schedules
June 2023